Curse of Strahd

Exploring the town

After escaping from Death House, the Blades made their way through town. After a short walk, they came to the Blood of the Vine tavern. There, they met Ismark the Lesser, the son of the burgomaster. Ismark was a gregarious young man who greeted the newcomers warmly. The only other occupants of the tavern were the barkeep and the owners – three women belonging to a group Ismark referred to as the Vistani.

Ismark sized up the group over a warm meal, then asked a for their help with a couple matters. The first was to help bury his father, Kolyan Indirovich, who died a few days before. Due to circumstances around his death, the other townsfolk would not get involved. The old burgomaster died as a result of an attack on his home by Strahd von Zorovich, in which Strahd sought to abduct Kolyan’s daughter, and Ismark’s sister, Ireena Kolyana. Which was the core of the second matter; Ismark requested help in escorting lreena to another, more fortified town where she would be safer from Strahd. This town, Vallaki, was just one day’s travel from the town of Barovia.

As there was no inn in the town of Barovia, Ismark invited the Blades to stay with him, at the burgomaster’s manor. The next day, they carried the makeshift coffin to the church north of town. There, they met Father Donavich, the local priest, who conducted the interment ceremony. He recommended taking lreena to the Abbey of Saint Markovia, in Krezk, instead of simply taking her to Vallaki. This is where they resolved to take her and they left that same day.


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