Curse of Strahd

Under Death House

Because it's totally OK to put the basement door in the attic

The Blades went outside, to look for an external entrance to the basement. They did not find one, but made another discovery: the fog appeared to be aggressive and hostile to them. When they left the house, it began to close in around them. Though they did not try to pass through, their throats began to burn by the time they reentered the house with the belief that they needed to resolve something before they would be safe to leave.

With a change in focus, they found a "dead space" in the walls of the first floor, large enough for a small room, but could not find an entry. There was a similar dead space on the second and third floors. When they reached the attic, a door was apparent in a storage area. Behind the door, decrepit wooden stairs lead down, far below the house. These stairs ended in narrow, earthen tunnels that carried the sound of distant, indistinct chanting.

As they explored the catacombs beneath the house, they found a strange mix of tombs and living areas, with empty tombs for the children only a few steps from a dining hall. There was also a room with a statue of a gaunt man held in obvious reverence. When the statue was touched, animated shadows sprung from the corners to attack. The group was also attacked by ghouls in a hallway.


SobekRe SobekRe

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